Body Image – All Of Us Has It, But What Does It Mean?


Body Image – All Of Us Has It, But What Does It Mean?

I want to cry every time I see my face in the mirror! I hate it when people say I'm tiny! How can I grow up my tiny boobs? How can I reduce the size of my butts? If only I had a straight nose! 

Does any of the above phrases or sound familiar? If so, this article has a good message for you. 

If your perceived body image is putting you down, you're not alone. Many people, especially women are concerned about their body image. They perceive their body negatively and assumes that people perceive them the same. 

This shouldn't be the case. It is important to note that all of us were created different and there is nothing like a perfect body image. It is also not always possible to like every part of your looks. If you get stuck on the negative part of your body, you will bring down your confidence level and self-esteem.

Why body image Important is important to you

Body image is all about how you perceive yourself and how much you feel you are worth. It is also the way you feel or see other people perceive you. Body image is important because perceiving yourself positively can improve your mental health and determine how you behave. 

Those who perceive themselves positively also know themselves well. They are realistic and therefore look at things as they are. With this in mind, they look for people who appreciate and love them for what they are and who they are. 

People who view themselves positively also knows their own strengths and weaknesses. They take control of their lives so you won't find them bothered about the way other people see them. 

What influences your body image?

One of the factors that influence your body image is puberty and development. If you are a teenager, you may find yourself struggling with low self-esteem because this is the period when your body goes through many physical changes. You may feel that you are not accepted as a result of these changes. Don't feel bothered by these changes if your friends aren't experiencing the same. The truth is that not everyone develops or grows at the same rate.

The media and other outside factors may also influence your body image. As you become more aware of media images, especially those of celebrities, you might start comparing yourself with those images. All of this can affect the way you perceive yourself and how you feel other people perceive you.

Last but not least, your family and friends can also influence your body image. Sometimes we see our parents spend several hours in the gym trying to look a certain way. You might have also heard of parents trying to criticize their children's looks. All these can also influence your body image, especially if you're too sensitive to such comments.

How to improve body image

This is not about having a perfect body image but trying to do away with negative thoughts, feelings, perceptions or opinions about your body.

You need to recognize that no matter your size or shape, your body is your own. You can have stretch marks and saggy arms but that is not where your true beauty lies. Your true beauty is hidden deep inside you-in your heart and soul. 

Instead of focusing on your size, shape or any part of your body you aren't comfortable about, try to focus on how healthy and strong your body is. For instance, you may have flabby arms but those arms are God sent if hug and comfort and comfort your children with them.