Feel pretty and special - with a complete makeover photo-shoot


An exclusive makeover photo shoot reminds you of how beautiful you are. It presents an opportunity to create memories that you would cherish forever. 
Every day on television, magazines and social media, we are bombarded with pictures of celebrities and models elegantly dressed and perfectly made-up, either attending a party, taking a walk or even in their kitchen. 

A fabulous makeover photo shoot with a friend or loved ones is an experience to cherish. How would you like to be pampered for a whole day just like a model? That’s what a makeover photo shoots involve; it’s entirely different from a traditional photo shoot as the principal aim is to transform you from your everyday look into your glamorous model best. 

On arriving at the studio for the shoot, you would like first b engage in a style consultation, where you would discuss your appearance for the shoot and the time range you would spend in the studio. You would be presented with a set of apparels and accessories to choose from. After that then it would be time to make you dazzle. 

You would be treated with a stunning makeover session by a qualified make-over artist who would transform you using different brands of make-ups. 
Afterwards, you would undergo a hair styling session, where you would have your hair styled by professional and experienced stylists. They would revamp your hair and make it look glamorous as the final part of your makeup session. 

After the makeover, it would then be time to step into the photographic scene and enjoy the exciting photo shoot experience. You may be a bit anxious at First, but, you just have to summon courage and step in front of the camera and trust me you would be glad you did. 

With you in your new flawless look, you would step into the limelight to have some magnificent photographs taken. The same tricks applied for professional model photo shoots would be used here, including the cameras, lightings, backgrounds and all other types of accessories and technologies. 

You would get to choose your preferred styles and even experiment with various charming looks. Whether you favor an elegant vintage, sexy boudoir, quirky retro or stylish fashion photo shoot styles, the makeup artist would work to get you all made-up. You can find inspiration for styles from the latest celebrity pictures, 1980’s Hollywood movies vintage styles etc. 

You may try high-fashioned dresses to simple casual clothes; you may even be photographed in a vintage ball gown, in your sports kits or even in a bikini to show off your figure. Whatever the style you want, the studio accommodates your entire requirement. 
You don’t need to worry about your pose; the Portrait photographer is experienced in these sorts of shoots and would guide you through a variety of poses and coordinate the whole photo shoot session. 
After the shoot, you would get to view the pictures and choose the ones you want to print and others you want to take home. 

When planning a makeover photo shoot, you would need to consider certain factors about the studio, especially the issue of the copyright of the pictures - would they give you the images so you can print whenever you want? You also need to check out their portfolio and assess the quality of their photos. 

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