Love Yourself by Loving Your Surroundings


Consider your surroundings as the natural extension of yourself.  Are you happy with your home?  What about your work environment?  You would be amazed at the difference your surroundings make on how you feel about yourself. Read on for a few tips for loving yourself by loving your surroundings.

  • Find one room in your house that you love, and make it your comfort zone:  Look at your house with an objective eye.  Is there one room you like more than any other?  Take the time to outfit this room with comfortable furniture and treasured things such as portraits, meaningful knick-knacks, and favorite books.
  • Embrace bright, uplifting colors:  According to science, colors have a true influence on your mood.  We will discuss this more in detail in a later post.  Choose colors that inspire you, cheer you, and generally make you feel happy.  If you can’t repaint an entire room, consider accessories that have bold and happy color statements in things like throw pillows, blankets, or lamp shades.
  • Spruce up your work area:  You spend long hours away from home while at work.  Bring a few small home treasures in to keep you motivated and inspired at work.  Family pictures, a souvenir from a favorite trip, or even a small houseplant if the office rules will allow it.  
  • Clean up the clutter:  Clutter can have a devastating effect on your mind, body and spirit.  If you feel overwhelmed by clutter in your home, start cleaning it out.  Keep your focus and enthusiasm by working on one room at a time.  You will be amazed at how your spirits and confidence will lift once you dig out.
  • Motivational books:  Look for a quote of the day book that speaks to you, and leave it by the coffee pot or nightstand.  Read this in the morning to bolster your confidence all day, or at night to reflect on as you sleep.

When you feel good about your surroundings, it will carry on to every other aspect of your life.   Making your environment work for you will boost your energy levels and self-confidence; in short, loving your surroundings will help you love yourself.