Loving Yourself by Letting Go of People


Sometimes the very people we surround ourselves with can make us feel less important, or less loved.  Let go of those who do not uplift you in your daily life.  These people can make you feel less valuable and increasingly unhappy with yourself.  Don’t let these people have the power to bring you down; think about pushing away from friends who drain the emotional stability from you.

  • The complainer:  No matter how happy you may be, it is hard to stay positive around someone who is never happy in life.  You may need to put some distance between yourself and these types of people.
  • The down-talker: This person is someone who corrects your grammar and enjoys pointing out even your tiniest mistakes or flaws.  Usually, this person is miserably unhappy with themselves and takes it out on those around them.  If you find yourself on guard around this person, it may be time to let them go.
  • The gossip:  You may not understand why you feel bad after talking to the gossiper.  The truth is, the gossiper will not hesitate to make you the subject of their next information session, and your subconscious knows it.  Remove yourself from these people and restore the positive balance to your life.
  • The one-upper:  This describes the people in your life who always have to match or top any story or success you have with a variation of their own, where they accomplished what you did in less time, in a better way than you did, or with an unbelievable twist.  The result leaves you feeling dissatisfied with your accomplishments.  If you have one of these in your life, don’t let them take away the value of what you have accomplished.
  • The center of attention:  These people can bring you down without realizing it by taking every situation and making it about them.  You may walk away from these encounters feeling less confident in yourself or your abilities.  

Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel better about yourself is a key factor in learning to love yourself. 

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