Tips for Your Best Selfies


Everyone has a moment they want to capture in time, but not everyone likes facing the camera.
If you are the one always taking the pictures so you don’t have to be IN the pictures, read on for a few tips on capturing a good photograph.
Lighting: Natural light works best for flattering selfies and photos. Try standing in front of a window, for instance, or outside. The professionals know, some of the best times to take pictures are about an hour or two after sunrise, or an hour or two before sunset. Avoid the flash on your camera if at all possible, as this lighting washes you out. If you are in bright sunlight, stand facing the sun or angled into it rather than having it behind you.
Angles: The most interesting and flattering photos come from angles, rather than straight on shots. We all have a side that we consider a good side, so try facing your “good” side a bit more towards the camera, and tilt your head a bit to one side or the other. When possible, take the picture from a higher angle aimed a bit downward to avoid the “double chin” and awkward appearing pose.
Be Involved: The best selfies capture a moment in time when you are visiting somewhere interesting or doing something unusual. For the best pictures, consider your background as an extension of your picture. Avoid the passé things such as mirror shots, “sleeping” shots, or overly posed shots. Nature is always a great backdrop for a perfect selfie.
Act Natural: Try to be relaxed and free while taking the picture. If you are frozen in a pose, it will naturally look stilted and awkward. Instead, let yourself relax and enjoy your surroundings. Use a prop to help you feel more at ease; just be careful the prop doesn’t overshadow you in your picture.
Bring out Your Best: If you love your lips, draw attention to them with a pretty lipstick shade that brings them out while downplaying your other features just a bit. If you love your eyes, take an extra minute to wear your favourite mascara, eyeliner or shadow to make them “pop” in your pictures. Love that new shirt? Angle the camera to catch as much of it as you can in the shot.
Filters and Cropping can be Your Friend: Experiment with the filters on your photo apps on your phone. You can brighten your picture, soften the expression on your face, and crop out something in that perfect picture that wasn’t intended to be there.

Slavomir Kondratovic