What We See Through the Camera Lens


You hate having your picture taken. You think you look “fat,” you worry about your hair, and you’re worried about the wrinkles you think you have on your face. You worry that your smile is crooked or any number of things that you think keep you from being “perfect.” This dislike of yourself in pictures is what keeps you from having any taken.
That’s a shame.
We wish you could see what we see when we take your pictures.
We don’t see wrinkles. We see contours of a beautiful face that has loved, laughed, and cried. We see eyes that twinkle with life, humor, and wisdom.
We don’t see an imperfect body. We know that “perfection” is an objective term, and we think you are perfect as you are.
We don’t see a crooked smile, or that facial flaw that you think is so glaring in all of your pictures. We see a face that is well-loved by your family and your friends. We want to see you smile; we want to capture the essence of YOU. Not who you think you should be, but who you ARE to your loved ones.
You think your hair is too short, too thin, too thick, too curly, too straight. We see hair that has been touched by loving fingers; children, spouses, and parents have all stroked your hair and love it as it is.
While a complete modeling experience is what we offer, complete with makeovers and hair styling, we already feel that you are beautiful. All we do is capture your own unique perfection in our lens.
When you book your session, don’t worry about what we see through the lens. Have fun, and be yourself.
If you saw what we see through our lenses, you’d know: you’re absolutely perfect.