Dressing to be the Best You


Last time, we discussed makeup and hair trends. This time, we’ll focus on styles of dressing for the best YOU.
First, there is no “perfect” body shape. Standards of beauty are as diverse as the women who represent them; globally, you will find that no specific body is seen as universally perfect.
Dressing for the perfect YOU means not following ridiculous trends. It also means knowing what type of clothing suits you best. Clothing that is form fitting and flowing will nearly always be better for all body types than anything that is too tight or too small.
Some tips for dressing to be the most perfect, sexy YOU that you can be:
• Monochromatic color schemes with accessories: Dressing in one color with accessories, such as a bold or wide belt, is a well-known trick to achieve a sleek, slim line with your clothing.
• Darker bottom, lighter top: Another way to look sleek and stylishly sexy is by following the rule of darker bottom and lighter top. This instantly adds a slimming effect to your body.
• Follow the 40% rule: A sexy, confident look doesn’t have to expose too much skin. The 40% rule states that you should show only 40% of your skin at a time to appear stylish and sexy. This means if you wear a plunging neck-line, balance it out with pants or a longer skirt. Wearing a mini-skirt? Consider a higher neckline in your choice of top.
• Stripes aren’t necessarily out: You love stripes, but you are afraid to wear them. When used properly, stripes are actually quite flattering. Vertical stripes are slimming, and horizontal stripes can draw the eye away from areas that you consider to be ”problem” areas. The key is to wear only one article of striped clothing; don’t go all in on the stripes.
• Step away from the Tight Side: If you want to appear sexy and confident, make sure your clothing is properly fitted. Remember to dress for YOURSELF and no one else. If you do like a tighter fit in your clothing, try wearing your tighter fitting clothes with looser flowing clothing to achieve a slim, beautiful look. Tight jeans, for instance? Pair these with a looser, less form fitting top. Tight blouse? Pair with a long, flowing skirt. This look is the perfect way to achieve a completely smooth, “put together” result.
• Don’t follow beauty trends in magazines: Remember that most advertisements are “smoke and mirrors.” The model may look beautiful in the latest “hot” craze, but she has had that outfit tailored to fit her and numerous photography tricks and tools used to achieve that look. Buy what makes YOU feel sexy and confident; don’t be a victim to advertising.
• Remember that sizes don’t mean much: When buying clothing, remember that each manufacturer has a different idea of sizing. What is a size 14 in one store will be equal to a size 8 in another, and maybe a 16 somewhere else, and a six elsewhere all entirely. Don’t be defined by a size; sizes are fluent and mean nothing from store to store.
Remember that there is no universal “perfect” body. In fact, the most perfect body type is your own. When you love yourself and dress to suit yourself, your confidence will shine through every day.