Choosing Your Background for a Perfect Picture


Choosing Your Background for a Perfect Picture

When you take a selfie, posed, group, or candid picture, you want to look good. At the same time, you also should appear as natural as possible, and as true to yourself as you can.
What we mean by this is that you should choose backgrounds and activities that truly represent who you are, and what you love.
• If you have never played a sport in your life, for instance, you will want to avoid backgrounds and props that have a sporty theme. No matter how attractive the picture turns out, it still doesn’t represent YOU; candid shots and selfies are all about expressing who YOU really are.

• Use props that reflect who you are and what you love. If you like to read, take a picture with a book in your hands. If you love to play tennis, pose with a racquet by your side or somewhere in the shot.
• Pose with your pets. This will have added value to you in both the authenticity of the moment, and as captured memories in the future of your cherished pets.

• Keep your clothing suited to your lifestyle in casual shots. Having a photograph taken professionally is a different experience than day to day selfies or group shots. Remember, these candid photos are about who you really are. You will dress up and model for your professional shoot, but for your day to day shots, dress as you do every day. This is how your friends and loved ones will remember you the most.
• Keep your background from overshadowing yourself in pictures. Try to find a quieter area where the background isn’t too “busy,” and you don’t have strangers randomly in the photos.

• Ask someone to take your picture for you. Most people don’t mind taking a minute out of their day to snap a picture of you in front of an interesting place, or doing something interesting and unusual. Be sure to show them exactly how the camera works, though, or you may lose a valuable photo opportunity.

Remember the idea is to keep your casual shots as authentic and true to yourself as you can. Capture yourself doing the things you love, and your joy and true self will shine through your pictures.

Slavomir Kondratovic